East Malvern RSL

East Malvern RSL

Stanley Grose Drive

Malvern East

Bi-Monthly Meeting - AGM

Malvern East RSL - Stanley Grose Drive, Malvern East

The Victorian Clubman Builders Group get together every 2 months for a chaired discussion of news, events, technology, and policies related to clubmans and the building of clubmans.  Whilst this is a more structured discussion it also is extremely social with plenty of time to chat to fellow enthusiasts.


7.30pm, Last Wednesday of every second month


Malvern East RSL – Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern

AGM Agenda

  • Minutes of last AGM
  • Report from President and Secretary on the activities of the association
  • Club financial statement for financial year ending June 2016
  • Receive nominations for all vacant committee positions
  • Elect committee for the VCBG

General Agenda

  • Update on Goodwood
  • MSCA on come and try days
  • Any other items

Previous meeting minutes

Minutes of meeting Wednesday 28th March

21 members, none new. Red plates* Sandro: We've had some new cars, lots some old, but still have the same overall total* Sandro: Watch out with VicRoads - their procedures can vary   Some offices are well organised (Burwood best so far), some terrible.   If you get...

Minutes of East Malvern Meeting, Wednesday 30th January

34 members President's welcome* Les: Are there any tech topics folk would like to hear a presentation on ?  Dave Down: Craig could recount upcoming Sexpo  Hugh: Like to hear about suspension setup  Charles: Like to hear about throttle body / cold air intakes     Les...

Minutes of East Malvern meeting – Wednesday 28th November

45 members present New members or folk who haven't been to East Malvern before Welcome to * Neil Boyle - into motorcycles but looking to build a Puma with Duratec + RX7 box * Craig Whitehead - recently purchased a 2015 Birkin * Arie Wetsteyn - recently bought an...

Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday 26th September

Financial * Ryan: Bank balance largely healthy * Ins & outs (nothing wrong with that - Gav) * Sandro: We should let new members know that their membership covers July to June Red plates * Sandro: 32 cars on club permits across 29 members Looking back * Les:...

Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday 25th July

New members along to the RSL for the first time: Grant & Robert Apologies: Tim Woods, Ian McInnes, Clint Draper, Robert Sedgwick, Greg Gibson, Rob Nethercote, David Box Matters from last meeting * We purchased the caravan scale * Wheel alignment gear day was held...

Minutes of meeting – Wednesday 30th May

22 members, one new Financial First report from Ryan: * We're cashed up * Couple of new members recently * We bought the alignment gear * Les still has rugby tops * Les will buy more black caps Club gear * With our alignment gear here now, we're considering a club day...

Minutes of East Malvern Meeting, Wednesday 28th March

19 members, none new, no visitors Previous minutes * Memership cards Ian has provided an electronic version of the previously printed cards. We'll email them to new & renewed members. (Gavin : We haven't yet made the changeover with Ryan completely, so if you need...

East Malvern meeting Wednesday 31st January

New members: Leonard, who's bought Ian Rusch's R23 & Roger who's bought a Birkin. Both gents are looking to put their machines on the track. Our hearts go out to Terry, who's lovely early red MX5 burnt the ground recently. He's replaced it with a NC MX5, which his...

Minutes of East Malvern meeting, September 2017

New members: Neil Roshier Apologies: Larry, James Shone, James Robinson Financial report was given by Les, in James's absence. Newsletter / Emails / VCBG website * Newsletter emails are "too slick", "too long" & shouldn't contain any financial info * Shane's asked...

Minutes of 2017 AGM

2017 AGM All committee positions were declared vacant. Shane Duggan was nominated to Chair the elections.  President: Les Bone returned unopposed Vice President: John Pitman returned unopposed Treasurer: James Robinson returned unopposed Secretary: Gavin Eakins...