East Malvern RSL

East Malvern RSL

Stanley Grose Drive

Malvern East

Bi-Monthly Meeting - AGM

Malvern East RSL - Stanley Grose Drive, Malvern East

The Victorian Clubman Builders Group get together every 2 months for a chaired discussion of news, events, technology, and policies related to clubmans and the building of clubmans.  Whilst this is a more structured discussion it also is extremely social with plenty of time to chat to fellow enthusiasts.


7.30pm, Last Wednesday of every second month


Malvern East RSL – Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern

AGM Agenda

  • Minutes of last AGM
  • Report from President and Secretary on the activities of the association
  • Club financial statement for financial year ending June 2016
  • Receive nominations for all vacant committee positions
  • Elect committee for the VCBG

General Agenda

  • Update on Goodwood
  • MSCA on come and try days
  • Any other items

Previous meeting minutes

Minutes of East Malvern meeting – Wednesday 28th November

45 members present New members or folk who haven't been to East Malvern before Welcome to * Neil Boyle - into motorcycles but looking to build a Puma with Duratec + RX7 box * Craig Whitehead - recently purchased a 2015 Birkin * Arie Wetsteyn - recently bought an...

Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday 26th September

Financial * Ryan: Bank balance largely healthy * Ins & outs (nothing wrong with that - Gav) * Sandro: We should let new members know that their membership covers July to June Red plates * Sandro: 32 cars on club permits across 29 members Looking back * Les:...

Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday 25th July

New members along to the RSL for the first time: Grant & Robert Apologies: Tim Woods, Ian McInnes, Clint Draper, Robert Sedgwick, Greg Gibson, Rob Nethercote, David Box Matters from last meeting * We purchased the caravan scale * Wheel alignment gear day was held...

Minutes of meeting – Wednesday 30th May

22 members, one new Financial First report from Ryan: * We're cashed up * Couple of new members recently * We bought the alignment gear * Les still has rugby tops * Les will buy more black caps Club gear * With our alignment gear here now, we're considering a club day...

Minutes of East Malvern Meeting, Wednesday 28th March

19 members, none new, no visitors Previous minutes * Memership cards Ian has provided an electronic version of the previously printed cards. We'll email them to new & renewed members. (Gavin : We haven't yet made the changeover with Ryan completely, so if you need...

East Malvern meeting Wednesday 31st January

New members: Leonard, who's bought Ian Rusch's R23 & Roger who's bought a Birkin. Both gents are looking to put their machines on the track. Our hearts go out to Terry, who's lovely early red MX5 burnt the ground recently. He's replaced it with a NC MX5, which his...

Minutes of East Malvern meeting, September 2017

New members: Neil Roshier Apologies: Larry, James Shone, James Robinson Financial report was given by Les, in James's absence. Newsletter / Emails / VCBG website * Newsletter emails are "too slick", "too long" & shouldn't contain any financial info * Shane's asked...

Minutes of 2017 AGM

2017 AGM All committee positions were declared vacant. Shane Duggan was nominated to Chair the elections.  President: Les Bone returned unopposed Vice President: John Pitman returned unopposed Treasurer: James Robinson returned unopposed Secretary: Gavin Eakins...

Minutes of East Malvern meeting, Wed 25th May 2016

East Malvern RSL, Wednesday 25th May 2016 My notes from the meeting, folks.  Please let me know what I've got wrong or missed out. Cheers - Gavin Members present * I counted 33, others said 36 * 5 from the west * Some eastsiders we don't normally see at Williamstown *...

Williamstown meeting, Wednesday 30th March 2016

Apologies: Les, Ian, Crado, James, Joe 10 members, no visitors Bi-monthly meeting place * With 70% of our members eastside, we're contemplating moving this to the other side of the bridge * Ian Rusch & David Box (by proxy): Some places have been investigated so...