The sun rises through the mist over the mountains, the autumn leaves crunch underfoot as the smell of barbecued bacon wafts through the air. The quiet is suddenly broken by the sound of a clubbie exhaust blaring off into the hills. It’s great to be back in Bright.

Marlene and I arrived on Thursday to set up camp. This year we took the caravan and left the little car behind, as I don’t currently have a clubbie I don’t feel too guilty.

Friday afternoon saw the real stars enter, singly and in groups, from Canberra and Melbourne. All makes, models and engine sizes. Much shaking of hands, renewing old friendships and meeting new faces to put to the names known only through Ozclubbies.

Friday night’s bbq was more of the same, not many eating rice crackers and lettuce. I guess the diet challenge was left behind for the weekend by many.

Saturday began as usual with the superb bacon and egg breakfast, supplied and cooked by Tracey and Ludy our hosts. As the majority of cars headed out for the Falls Creek, Omeo, Mt Hotham loop, those of us sans clubbie settled down to a quiet day pursuing some of the many entertainments of this wonderful piece of Oz. A bit of browsing in the Bright farmer’s market down by the river, a run up Mount Buffalo, a quick trip to Beechworth, the choices are endless. Afternoon called for ice-cream so off to Harrietville. As we entered town the clubbies were passing through on the end of their loop, getting many admiring glances from the locals including the guys in blue with the flashing lights. (They seemed most impressed with a green car with a gold stripe for some reason.)

A broken suspension bolt, a broken nose, a cracked rear end (refer broken nose) and a displaced bonnet were the only real casualties for the day. I may be wrong, but I don’t recall any broken cycle guards, that could be a first.

Clubbies at Bright

After a bit of ferrying drinkers to and from the ever popular Bright Brewery, Saturday night was the spit roast, once again thanks to Tracey and Ludy. Many stories of the days adventures, strange how many versions of the one incident can be told so many different ways by so many people, and how the exploits got greater as the amber and red fluids flowed.

Another bacon brekkie on Sunday morning before everyone packed and zoomed off on their way home, but not before Tracey had organised the group photo shoot.

I think I may be back in Bright 13-14th April next year. Understand Les may be in town at the same time, just saying….

Thanks to all those who came up (or down) to make the weekend the great fun that it was. Thanks especially to Tracey and Ludy who always go above and beyond.

– Shane Duggan