22 members, one new

First report from Ryan:
* We’re cashed up
* Couple of new members recently
* We bought the alignment gear
* Les still has rugby tops
* Les will buy more black caps

Club gear
* With our alignment gear here now, we’re considering a club day learning together how to use it
* Dave Perry has offered his mancave / garage to use in Mordialloc
* JohnP: We should aim for a Sunday after eastside breakfast
==> Action: Gavin to take the idea up with Dave and figure out the best date
* DaveD: Would the club be interested in caravan scales? $295 each, low, easy to take to (say) track
Much interest from members.
==> Action: Dave to purchase, club will reimburse

Past events
* Last Eastside breakfast had ~ 19 members
* Last Westside breakfast had 10-15 people and 73 MX5s
* Les: The Bend racetrack in Tailem Bend, SA was brilliant.
Many configurations, 7km long track, but suited a clubbie.
“Better than Bathurst”
* Les: MSCA sprint at Winton didn’t go so well.
Blown head gasket on the Toyota. Wondering what sort of gasket to use in future.
* Gavin: Khanacross at METEC in Kilsyth with Peugeot club was fun
Video shown, along with Haunted Hills (see above) for June meeting. Join me!

Future events
* DaveD: Hamilton Not the Nationals 14th & 15th October
If you’re going, please make booking with caravan park
Lake Hamilton Motor and Caravan Park
03 5572 3855
Garry & Tania
* Steve: Private racetrack near Albury sounds good

SVA (Special Vehicles Association?)
Tim spoke at length about this group that we’re part of. The group aims to be in the ear of VicRoads for individually constructed vehicles.
* People changes in the SVA recently – some main movers & shakers have left
* Slow progress with VicRoads, but still hope
* Discussion on engaging an engineer who’s close to decision makers at VicRoads
Engineer Tom Bullock praised.
* Membership of SVA is due – should we pay?
Group reply after discussion: “Yes, pay ~$400 now then give it another year and we’ll decide whether to renew”
==> ACTION: Ryan to pay SVA membership with Tim’s help

* Ryan: Are we interested in a pole with flag for club events?
Group reply “yes”.
==> Action: Greg to investigate, feel free to purchase if < $150 * DaveD: Come along to next East Malvern meeting & hear me talk about 3D printing * Roger: Where do I get an aeroscreen? Replies: Raceglass in Bayswater or murderbike visor or buy plastic and bend yourself * Steve: Who has the beaming & torsion rig? Answer: Mig. ==> ACTION: Gavin to put Mig and Steve into contact with each other
* DaveD: Service at King Bean has slipped since start of year with new owners
Much discussion (more talk about coffee than about cars!).
We should suggest to staff they take names.
Orders to be left on table outside.
Maybe we should have club coffee cups with our names on them.