Over the warmer months, a few of us have got together for evening drives.
Meet after work, soak up some twisty roads, pause for nourishment & good conversation at a country pub then cruise on home.

From the mouth of my cultural adviser Dave Down: “These cars are meant to be driven and we have some cracking roads”.

Drive #1 – Western Gippy loop (Click Me) Highlight: Konwak to Bena road at dusk, rolling hills bathed in golden light, no white lines, no traffic, seemed to go on forever. We laughed ourselves stupid.

Drive #2 – Around the Spurs (click me). Highlight: Discovering that Gav’s wallet wasn’t lost after all & that a friendly lady copper was holding it for him.

Drive #3 – Emerald to Kinglake (click me). Highlight: $13 parma night at the Kinglake Pub with friendly bar staff.

Drive #4 – Donna Buang Hillclimb (click me). Highlight: Chatting at the top of the lookout tower, watching out over the hills at sundown. Beautiful.

Drive #5 – Gembrook & return (click me). Highlight: Gavin, Les & Hugh entertaining Dave with their own special breakdowns.

Drive #6 – Hot Backpackers Great Ocean Road tour (click me). Highlights: Between Lorne and Apollo Bay four times, three times in the dark, once after midnight. Joining up with Robert of Torquay. Lowlight: “Hot Backpackers” didn’t live up to the promise.