New members: Leonard, who’s bought Ian Rusch’s R23 & Roger who’s bought a Birkin.
Both gents are looking to put their machines on the track.

Our hearts go out to Terry, who’s lovely early red MX5 burnt the ground recently. He’s replaced it with a NC MX5, which his wife Dorn finds comfortable, but Terry thinks is closer to Cadillac than the original.

Wheel alignment gear
* Richard Pink: Here’s a Summit catalogue, showing some gear we could use.
About $500USD + pair of turntables at $230 USD
Richard: Summit gear has been good for me in the past.
Would we be willing to spend (say) $1,000AUD? – “yes” was the answer by a show of hands.
Dave Down: Maybe we should allow for up to $1,500, to allow for any extras required (stands, jacks, et cetera)
General discussion, final result: we’ll buy the items Richard has suggested & decide from there if we want more.
ACTION ==> Gavin to purchase gear
* Will: Not everyone knows how to use this gear.
We should have an alignment day as a club, Will & others could contribute their knowledge & we could all learn.
We can then figure out if we want to purchase more.
General agreement from the group.

Recent events
* Eastside drive to Yarra Glen after breakfast
Some ripper roads, some members frustrated at the relaxed pace of our fellow road users.
Members enjoyed seeing Paul’s Birkin project. Paul & Dianne were great hosts.
* Broadford sprint day with Alfa Romeo Club (AROCA)
Hugh: I attended in the Fraser, was excellent value.
Will: Hugh & his mate Charlie both went well.
Interesting video of both compared:
Charles on the left, Hugh on right.
If anyone else wants help with racecar setup sheets or advise, I’d love to help.
(Gavin: I went along on the day. You should have seen how these two smoked everyone else)
Hugh: Charles has bought himself a turnkey brand new Caterham. Expects to get it around May.
(General oohs & aahs from the crowd)

* Les handed out caps to paid up folk
If anyone missed out, please contact Les.

Membership cards
* Les: Currently, Ian still prints these for us. Could we have an arrangement whereby new members can print something themselves?
Leonard: Maybe website could do it, depends.
Gavin: Maybe a manual arrangement by treasurer handling new memberships could suffice.
ACTION ==> Gavin to come up with something

Upcoming events
* Phillip Island historics 9th to 11th March
Les will likely have free tickets for “show cars” courtesy of the Lotus Club of Vic.
First come, first served.
Closer to time, we’ll let folk know.
Rob: This is the best motorsport meeting in the country
* Bright 17th & 18th March
Dave: Please call Tracy at accommodation park on (03) 5750 1001 to confirm numbers
Many members: This is a ripper weekend, even with the South Australians there.

Miscellaneous ramblings
* Les: I’m trying different trumpets on the PRB, courtesy of Tony “Desertrunner” Parle. What do you predict the results will be?
The mob: lots of mumbling, no certain predictions.
* Rob: An nice red Elfin for sale in Albury
* Ryan: An Elfin MS8 on show in the RACV club in Melbourne, worth looking at

James gave a top slide show on his yacht project.
“Just the same as a car” he said a few times !

& that’s a wrap for another month. See you on the road – Gavin