2017 AGM

All committee positions were declared vacant.

Shane Duggan was nominated to Chair the elections.

 President: Les Bone returned unopposed

Vice President: John Pitman returned unopposed

Treasurer: James Robinson returned unopposed

Secretary: Gavin Eakins returned unopposed


July General Meeting


Apologies: Dave Down, Taffy Flynn, James Robinson, Jim Nicholls


Club Equipment

* Clive: Should we buy equipment? How do we go about it?

Peter Sword: Can we get a castor/camber gauge?

Gavin: If anyone wants the club to buy gear, bring a concrete proposal to a future meeting.

Let us know what you want to buy, why and what the $s are.

The membership can then vote on it.

You’ll find the club responsive to most requests.

  ACTION: ==> Clive & Peter to research equipment they’re interested in
Gavin: Can someone tell me which Clive was at the meeting the other night?

            Clive Howse from Buninyong or

            Clive Williams from Greevnale ?


Membership cards

* Les handed out 2016/17 cards

* Peter Shone doesn’t have a card

  ACTION ==> Gavin to ask James/Ian to print one

* Geoff has a ‘t’ in his last name, but card doesn’t show it

  ACTION ==> Gavin to berate James over his spelling


Dave Down’s report

* Les: Dave is proceeding with an injector tester / cleaner

& with the head restraint tester.

Dave would like assistance.

The Elfin is being put back together again; hopefully it’s not like Humpty.


VCBG website

* Gavin: (Reply to Richard Pink from last meeting) Phil tells us that he’s put https (the padlock in your browser) on to the site, so no one can sniff your details as you type in them in.

However, to get a proper answer about how secure the website is would require hiring a security expert.  Is the club prepared to do this?

General feeling in the group was “no”.

* Richard Cole: Some members have photos & details of their cars on the site.

How do we get our own cars up there?

Les in reply: We need someone to maintain the website.

Shane: I’ll do it.

  ACTION ==> Gavin to give website editing login to Shane

                        Shane to manage website.

                        Richard to provide guff for Shane.


Past Events

* Westside group visited the fairies, on their way to Inverlea

* Eastside group went to Healesville via Toolangi

* McLaren film night with Lotus Club of Vic was great


Future Events

* Gavin: Alpine Country Car Club (around Mansfield) are still interested in a combined get together.

They’ve suggested Yea as a half way point.

Larry: Spring time, not winter would be best.

Members: First Sunday in either Sept or Oct or Nov would be best.

  ACTION ==> Gavin to arrange a post Eastside breakfast drive with this mob

* Les: Lotus Club have invited us to Monash Uni on the 8th August to see their FSAE (Formula Student) car build.

Members: About 10 hands raised in interest.

  ACTION ==> Les to send on numbers to LCV

* Larry: Another Eastside drive to the Toolshed at Noojee would be a good thing.

Gavin: Too right!

* Larry: A Great Ocean Run on the Sunday on the cusp of daylight savings change is proposed.

Start around 8am to get the best out of the day.

Gavin: Did I get the start time right?


Tim’s VSC notes

* VicRoads are creating draft legislation

* 5 gas test will replace IM240 test & harnesses will be allowed

* Seat rules can’t be changed, as they’re covered by a statutory regulation

They would have be exempted at a federal level.

* VicRoads are being particularly helpful, often attending VSC meetings

* DOTARS / Dept Infrastructure are also seeking feedback

* Club plates are being reviewed

Cracks like ICVs only needing a RWC are likely to be filled

* The number of eligible clubs has reduced with greater scrutiny by VicRoads


Sandro’s Red Plate Report

* 26 cars on red plates

* Get your red plates now while you can

* Easy to apply (Gavin: I’ll back this up.   It was a piece of cake)



* John: Why don’t we have a library? We could circulate who has what books.

Gavin’s reply: I tried that in a past year, but virtually no one was interested.

I’m happy if anyone would like to co-ordinate it again.

I still think it’s a good idea.

  ACTION ==> Anyone? Beuller?

* Les: RaceChrono app + GPS for trackwork is good

* John: I’ve got some long sleeved tops in S, M & XL

For other sizes, see me.

Les handed out some tops & beanies, asked members to pay up.