New members: Neil Roshier
Apologies: Larry, James Shone, James Robinson

Financial report was given by Les, in James’s absence.

Newsletter / Emails / VCBG website
* Newsletter emails are “too slick”, “too long” & shouldn’t contain any financial info
* Shane’s asked that newsletter emails be sent to him, to be put up on VCBG site
* If any members want anything put up on VCBG site, contact Shane Duggan at

Club gear
* Peter Sword, James Shone & Clive Williams had each shown interest in the club buying wheel alignment gear at the last meeting. & were going to chase up gear.
* Peter: Hare Forbes are not selling what I was looking for. I don’t know where to get it.
* Gavin: James had replied by email that he was after Longacre products, but hadn’t got any pricing
* Neil: Try Pegasus Racing website for Dunlop gear, &/or Merlin Motorsport
* Some discussion, but no real decision to actually chase anything up, except for:
==> Richard Pink: I’ll have a look for alignment gear.

Red plates
* 28 cars with red plates
* 2 since last time, both clubmans

* GOR run last weekend – some confusion, but perhaps two members went
* Eastside Fathers’ Day was wet, had a handful of clubmans at breakfast, but no drive afterwards
* No one planning any eastside / westside drives in October
* Alpine Country Car Club have suggested meeting half way – Ruffy Produce Store, Sunday 7th January.
3 members showed interest.
==> Gavin to tell them “yes, but few of us”

Shane gave a presentation on Dorian Timers.
Neil spoke about his sale of Race magazine & some interesting folk he met along the way via the magazine