East Malvern RSL, Wednesday 25th May 2016

My notes from the meeting, folks.  Please let me know what I’ve got wrong or missed out.
Cheers – Gavin

Members present

* I counted 33, others said 36
* 5 from the west
* Some eastsiders we don’t normally see at Williamstown
* 1 new face: Steve Maloney, mechanical engineer building from an existing frame with MX5 running gear
* Other new faces earlier, who eventually realised we were not the Range Rover club

Last meeting actions
* Only action item was for Geoff Ritchie (absent), to talk with Phil (also absent) about the website’s usability

James: Treasurer’s report
* 75 members – most we’ve ever had
* James has restructured the member details & accounting spreadsheets
* Commonwealth Bank account will replace Bendigo Bank account soon
==> Members: Make sure you use the new account for payments
* New banner + MSCA paid for
* T-shirt system changing: We’ll buy in bulk & bring gear to meetings

Red Plates
* 20 cars with permits

Breakfast meetings
* Eastside well attended
Not many clubmans when wet, though.
* Westside also well attended, though members have had to dodge bird poop.
(& they say Werribee isn’t worth shitting on)

SVA group
* Congratulations to Tim on becoming a new father
* Promising results coming from the group; stay tuned
* Much lively discussion

Membership cards
* James: plastic cards that (for example) the MX5 car club have would be good for us
Would allow us to say more than “Hi mate” at get togethers.
* The machine the MX5 club have costs $3K; would the club be interested in following up?
* Motion for James to further investigate club either 1) buying such a machine or 2) subbing the work out to others, with view to having something by financial year’s end
That way we can have cards for all renewing members.
Motion carried.
==> James to follow up
==> Ryan to enquire with toy library whether their card machine might be used

General tech discussion
* Steve M: Where can you get cheap argon?
Answer: all around you, 0.93% of the atmosphere.
Other answers: Look at buying bottles from the likes of Total Tools, Bunnings.
* Why can’t I get my T50 into third gear?
Answers: You’re not alone, well known problem.  Also cheap + easy to fix.
* Les: Why are my cross drilled discs cracked?
Answer: Stop pushing the middle pedal so much.
Other answer: Cross drilling not recommended these days for that reason.

Upcoming events
* Dave Down contemplating which events to attend out of:
September: possible NTN in Hamilton (see below),
October: Port Macquarie &
November: Narooma
… or join them all up into one mega road trip
* Paul Doube has proposed a NTN weekend in Hamilton
==> Members: If there’s a chance you might find happen to find yourself in Hamilton that weekend, Paul would appreciate knowing that.
Please point out the coincidence on ozclubbies.
* Lotus Nationals ANZAC weekend next year around Beechworth
Similar to our clubman nationals last year.
Discussion on the mood of the ozclubbies responses.
* Les: Why don’t we have another frostbite run?
It was crazy fun driving through snow over Mt Macedon
* Dave Down: 2017 Clubman Nationals looks like a hoot
Apparently big plans afoot; can’t be revealed as yet.
Question: Does everyone drive their clubmans all the way to nationals?
Answer: It’s a mix.  Some drove from Vic to Qld & back, some from WA, many use trailers.

Apathy in the clubman fraternity?
* Les: I get a sense of less going on in both ozclubbies and within the Vic group.  Why is that?
Shane: It always goes in cycles
Others: Many of us have finished builds, we’re done, and not everyone’s into driving a lot.
* Gavin: Why is it that few of us want to drive our cars after breakfast meetings?
Several times drives have been proposed and mostly no-one is interested.
Strange behaviour for a car club; perhaps we should become the “Victorian Clubman Owner’s Group” instead?
Dave Down: We need notice of such drives, many emails in advance (Gavin’s reply: Done that).
Craig: I can’t go on anything longer than 2 hours (Gavin: Yep, had small drives)
Jim: Maybe we need a specific goal of interest each time; in comparison, Peninsula Boys had over 140 blokes yesterday.
Dave Down: ESCAPE club are always driving, not drinking coffee.
Sandro: ESCAPE club benefits from a regular, well filled out newsletter.
James: I’m going to start a newsletter.  I’ll need help from the membership for content.  I’m also going to create a new member pack.

New venue
* Was everyone happy with the East Malvern RSL?
Answer: Overwhelming yes.
* Thanks for Ian Rusch (absent) for sorting it out.

Future meetings
* Next meeting in July is AGM
* Les: I’ve been the prez for 5 years; I like it, but club needs a fresh face.
==> Members: Consider putting up your hand for a position
* Les: Joint evening get togethers with Lotus Club of Vic were successful last year.
We’ll aim to have more in future.

* Dave Down: Macedon Ranges Car Club are asking for a rep from VCBG to attend one of their meetings
Wednesday 7th Sept
They’d like to hear a small spiel plus see some clubmans.
* Next MSCA sprint is at Sandown, Sunday 7th June
It’s only down the road; worth a look, if only for some interesting older cars competing.