19 members, none new, no visitors

Previous minutes
* Memership cards
Ian has provided an electronic version of the previously printed cards.
We’ll email them to new & renewed members.
(Gavin : We haven’t yet made the changeover with Ryan completely, so if you need one contact Ryan Love rjlove.vic@gmail.com )
The MSCA entry folk are content to see these on a mobile phone at sprints.
If anyone wants a printed version, they’re welcome to print & laminate themselves.
* Alignment gear
First parcel of the wheel alignment gear has arrived.
Two turntables are still on the boat, but we expect them shortly.
Some discussion about having a club get together to share experience.
Thanks for Richard Park for looking this gear up & spruiking it to the members.

Treasurer’s Report
* Ryan has now taken over Treasurer’s role from James
* 84 members
* Healthy bank balance
* Yet to pay for alignment gear

Red plate cars
* Sandro: 30 cars, probably around 27 members owning these
SAE is preferred.
* Sandro: We will be stricter on expired memberships in future
If at renewal time a member is not financial, they will not get their permit renewed.
Driving a red plated vehicle without being a financial member means you’re driving an unregistered car.
Great murmurs of agreement from the club to support Sandro.

Who’s doing what to their cars?
* Rob: Elfin is having some love from Larry, who is turning three motors into one good one.
“It’s a bit doughy”.
* Chris: Amaroo has broken all the bolts off the crown wheel.
Q. Is it worth changing from (Escort) live axle to IRS?
A. For a track car, generally not.

Past events
* Terry: Last westside had 2 including himself + a street parade
* Gavin: MSCA sprint at Phillip Island was fun once the track dried out
* Les & others: Bright NTN was a hoot as usual
Lovely weather Saturday for the big drive.
27 folk total, with 19 from Vic.
2019 NTN has already been booked, week before Easter.
* DaveD: Help at Bright was appreciated. Thanks.
* DaveD: Tassie trip was a blast.
* DaveD & Gavin: Driving the GOR at night was interesting. Hot backpackers less so.
* DaveD: Snakes hunting pigs on the Black Spur

Future events
* Jim: Eastside this weekend will have a drive in the hills.
* David: Have confirmed that the King Bean will be open this Sunday
& don’t forget, it’s the end of daylight savings
* Les: Another NTN at Hamilton will be on 12th through 14th October
BBQ on the Friday & Saturday nights.
Hope to have the South Australians again.
Plenty of great driving on the GOR & in the Grampians.
* Sandro: Is anyone interested in an Echuca meetup? Might suit the interstaters
* Les: Lotus Club film night on the 19th April

Terry then gave a presentation on composites, focussing on what your average clubman builder might use. Lots of interesting details on some of Terry’s past experience with defence, FSAE, even Olympic bicycles. Apparently the RAAF can’t afford real bombs, so dropped concrete ones from F-111s instead.