New members along to the RSL for the first time: Grant & Robert
Apologies: Tim Woods, Ian McInnes, Clint Draper, Robert Sedgwick, Greg Gibson, Rob Nethercote, David Box

Matters from last meeting
* We purchased the caravan scale
* Wheel alignment gear day was held
* Club banners
Greg has found a supplier for a pair of banners.
He’s asking what we’d like on them.
General feeling from group was: club name + website + logo only

* Ryan: Bank balance largely unchanged
* Some in, some out
* Payment to SVA still yet to be made

Red plates
* Sandro: 31 cars on club permits across 27 members

Club gear
* Geoff: We purchased the caravan scale (singular)
The eastside brainstrust finally figured out how to install the batteries and yes, it works.
It’s low enough to drive a car on to directly; the thinking was that it could be easily taken to (say) a racetrack.
Dave Down has it currently.
Thanks to Geoff for purchasing.
* Alignment day at Dave Perry’s place
As promised, we met at the Mordialloc mancave after last eastside breakfast.
An educational session for sure, especially for Gavin & Robert whose cars got the fine tooth comb from the experts.
Big thanks to Dave for opening his doors & to others for their advice.
The essence of the alignment gear are two frames that attach to front wheels. Along with turntables, angle gauges & tape measures they allow easy measurement of toe + camber + caster.
* Gavin: We also have corner scales, torsional rig + dial gauges and noise meter

* Les: I’ve got a load of black caps. Who wants one?
Caps were handed around to those who didn’t receive a (white) one earlier on.
Give Les a shout if you’d like one, are financial but haven’t had one this year.
* Les: We also have a few rugby tops.
Some purchased on the night.

Recent Events
* Last eastside breakfast had 30-40 people, is going from strength to strength
Still some difficulties getting coffee & breakfast orders out.
We can help by making sure we’re there to receive our order, i.e. not wandering off.
* Last westside breakfast had a dozen-ish people, due to rain.
Peter “Crado” Craddock lost his bearings – that is, a wheel bearing collapsed & he needed rescuing.

Future Events
* Not the Nationals at Hamilton
Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October this year.
Lake Hamilton Motor Village (03) 5572 3855.
Join with some South Australians for a top social weekend.
Some discussion on roads around Hamilton. Some replies: the Grampians and the Great Ocean Road are ace, don’t you worry.
* Clubman Nationals 2019 in South Australia
To be help at Hahndorf with a day at “The Bend” racetrack, Tailem Bend.
Thursday 31st October to Sunday 3rd November 2019.
Early days yet – keep watching ozclubbies

Free to good home
* Windscreen & aluminium surround
Contact Brian on 0422 290 078

What have you been doing on your car recently?
* Terry: I bought a lovely aluminium pedal box.
How do I mount a brake light switch to floor mounted pedals?
Various replies: Use a hydraulic switch, stocked by any brake shop.
* DaveP: I’ve been welding up my DIY turbo manifold.
It’s been fascinating learning how to wire everything up from scratch.
* Ryan: I’ve 3D printed a pattern for GT40 fuel caps.
Darren from NSW, fellow GT40 builder, is going to cast them in aluminium for the group.
I’ve also got drawings for a heap of GT40 parts, e.g. pedal box (drawings passed around).
* Les: My super-duper PRB has had less-than-super-duper reliability.
Latest load of scrap metal is a diff pinion.
Been able to source a second hand Celica diff at very good price from “Sleeka” in SA.
I’m now a T50 rebuilding expert, though I didn’t need the experience.