Apologies: Les, Ian, Crado, James, Joe

10 members, no visitors

Bi-monthly meeting place
* With 70% of our members eastside, we’re contemplating moving this to the other side of the bridge
* Ian Rusch & David Box (by proxy): Some places have been investigated so far, more to come
* Dave Down: Suggest we have a roving meeting place, possibly linking up with other car clubs, at interesting places, e.g. Elfin Heritage centre, Healey factory …
* General harumphing, no actions recorded

Treasurer’s report
* 4 new members
* Money in the bank
* Treasurer yet to arrange account access

* One member didn’t wish minutes to be put here on ozclubbies, preferred them to be on VCBG site only; what did the whole group think?
* All present thought that with ozclubbies being more widely read, we should have them on both
* No meeting in January (washed out!), so no minutes recorded

* Geoff had found navigation of the VCBG site for purchasing tops was difficult.
==> Geoff to chat with Phil about these things
* News out of date
==> Gavin to at least put up minutes there from now on (yeah, I know I’ve said it before …)

Phillip Island historics
* Jim: Had been held in March, several members attended, brilliant event
* Thanks to Les & LCV for tickets
* Clint there crewing for Lawrie in his Capri
* 4 members’ cars displayed beneath the club banner
* Dave & Gavin took a great drive home through the hills, even with some geographic miscalculations & 37 tonnes of gravel in the car

Winton Regularity, 28th Feb
* Ian & John: Good day, though their car wouldn’t stop properly

Autumn Roundup
* Geoff, Jim & others: Good event, rubbish weather Friday followed by good times over weekend
* Big trip for Dave leading up to the roundup; Dave’s daughter won the basketball grand final

* Eastside going well
* Had visit to Ian Rusch’s workshop afterwards, where his track weapon is being developed
* Colin “colsprite” has offered to host us after next breakfast (which we’ve done since)
* Westside was very quiet with most people away at Bright or Phillip Island sprints or Melbourne GP; Terry lonely

Eildon-Jamieson run, Sat 30th April
* Alan “longrem” from Bendigo organising
* Meeting at Eildon caravan park Friday night, run over Skyline to Jamieson & back on the Saturday
* A million tight turns on tar road; exhausting but fun

2017 Nationals
* Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th November
* New group “Southern Sevens”

… & lots of other general discussion and beard scratching.