Club Information

About the Club

We are a group of past, present and future owners of Clubman style cars who love to talk and share information about our passion. In the main our cars were or are built/assembled by ourselves or under our personal supervision and/or direction.  Some may be built from a kit such as a Leitch, Westfield, Birkin, Fraser, Arrow, PRB to name a few,  others are built to a design prepared by ourselves or some other popular design such as the LoCost by Colin Chapman. In the main we act as a point of contact for people with similar interests but we also aim to have social and other activities to foster and promote enjoyment of these cars, both on and off the race track. We will aim to promote an exchange of knowledge and ideas to enable us to build, keep our vehicles well maintained, safe and efficient. People who are just interested in clubman style cars but may for one reason or another decide never to own one are also most welcome in our group. Currently our members have built many, many cars with a number still in the build phase.

Club History

The Victorian Clubmans Builders Group (VCBG) was formed in 2003 after approximately three years operating as an email only association of approx 100 enthusiasts from VIC, NSW, SA & ACT.  The initial meeting of eight enthusiasts has grown to 60 paid up members in Victoria. Cars have been and are being built by the majority of members. Australia wide get togethers have been accruing yearly since 2004 with up to 100 cars attending each year.