Our Cars

Les Racing

Members at a MSCA Sprint event.


Sandro enjoying his home built Midi

Robert Williams relaxing after polishing Dr. Rob’s car.

David Bruce’s scratch build – “Work in progress”

lotus 23

Lotus 23 Replica built initially by club member Ian Rusch on his own chassis. Now owned by Leonard Wilkinson.

Personalised scratch build by Don Lewis

Don Lewis’ scratch build MX5 Auto was the donor

Clive William’s very original Westfield

A very tidy Birkin home build . This is a   popular kit from South Africa for those looking for a well designed car that is very light. This is still a work in progress, but getting very close to being finished – if a clubbie is ever finished!

Geoff’s GBS Zero wide body. Great British Sportscars were formally known as Robin Hood. The Kit was spec’d to meet Aust reges by a fellow in Orange. The kit was shipped in 2011 The build was finished in 2014. The donor car was a Honda S2000