Vic Roads

The VCBG are pleased to advise that the club is officially recognised as an authorised club for the purpose of the Club Plate Permit Scheme (CPS – VicRoads) .

Persons wanting to  apply for a permit to drive their car under the CPS, will need to satisfy the Club CPS Officer that they have been a member for at least 6 months. There are a number of other details pertaining to your car that the CPS Officer will require to satisfy VicRoads requirements. Please get in touch with the club and we will  forward  instructions how to contact our CPS Officer,  and application.


More information please contact or complete the form on the contact us page.

Further information including the eligibility requirement imposed by the club, and the Club’s Authorised Person will be supplied to you when make your enquiry.

VicRoads has enabled Club Permits to be renewed online. You will need a myVicRoads account if you do not have one already. See the VicRoads site to set up an account.

Slimline plates are now available for cars in the CPS. It is just a simple matter of going online and ordering them  – and paying.

Your Renewal notice still needs to be signed by yourself and the Club’s Authorised Officer (or the President, Vice President or  Secretary, confirming you are a current financial member of the VCBG. Then it is simply a matter of uploading the signed form to VicRoads with your payment. If you chose this method of renewal, you will need to keep a copy of your receipt with your log book as proof of payment.  Note that changes to the duration of the permit cannot be managed online and will need to be sorted before you start the process.