The name says it all. The Lotus 7 replica, known in Australia as a Clubman, is a car dear to the hearts of our members. Most members have built their cars, either from a kit or from the ground up. A ground up build is also known as a “Locost” although occasionally the cost is more than low!
The club exists primarily to offer support to other members who are in the building phase or have just run into a problem that requires assistance. To that end, the club can help with a advice from personal experience. We have also accumulated a range of tools and books that are available on loan.

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Interested in learning more? Want to just come check out some cool cars and have a chat to some friendly people? Get in touch!

Why Join the VCBG?

  • Meet a group of people who share the same passion of small, open, lightweight, superb handling track and road cars
  • Get involved in club organised meets and social occasions
  • Get access to the clubs tools and library
  • Access to the VicRoads club plate permit scheme

The Bend recap

By Roger Kerr On Friday 2nd June I headed over to the Bend in SA for the two day event. Saturday was run by the Porsche Club and Sunday by…
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Club Plate Permit Update

The Club has received notification of proposed changes to the CPS.   The main proposed change concerns “Modified” vehicle for which a new “M” plate will be issued if they…
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Motorsport Australia & MSCA Affiliation

The VCBG is affiliated with the Motorsport Australia, formally known as CAMS.  Further, we’ve become an associate club with the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA). Q. So why are these…
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