By Roger Kerr

On Friday 2nd June I headed over to the Bend in SA for the two day event. Saturday was run by the Porsche Club and Sunday by the MSCA. You could cross enter and be on track for two days. Unfortunately Gavin and I had a few issues and had to pull out. There were seven Clubbies entered including five from the VCBG.

Saturday was perfect weather and the event went very smoothly with five runs for each group. Les and Mark Bone were right at the front of the pack, with a fair bit of father son rivalry. Mark had the quickest time for the group with a 2.07 –  which is very quick!

The weather for Sunday changed and there were only two runs before the rain came down. There was still a few brave drivers playing in the rain but no clubbies. (They’re not much fun in the wet.) The facilities at The Bend are excellent and the track is challenging but fun. The complex includes the track, drag strip, go cart track, hotel, restaurant, cabins and camping.

Times for the VCBG

  • Ian Rush – ICV RA20 2.28
  • Rob Nethercote – Elfin 2.33
  • Les Bone  – Birkin 2.11
  • Mark Bone – PRB 2.07
  • David Thirlwall  – Westfield 2.12

A special thanks to Paul Lechner and Ian Rush who were officials at the event. Without them we don’t get onto the rack.

The view from Hotel accommodation

Reception at the bend
Les and Mark with the Birkin and the PRB
Rob Nethercote and Rob Williams with the Elfin
Ian Rush with the ICV RA20
Les pretending to be a cushion while  grandson looks on in disbelief