Shed Day

The VCBG visits a members shed to help with the build. If you want help or advice on any aspect of your build, put your hand up to host a “Shed Day”.

Contact Gavin Eakins to have your gathering noted in the newsletter.

Having fun - mostly in the high country.

The VCBG visits Bright every year on the last weekend before the Vic School  first term holidays. We welcome clubbie drivers from the southern corner of N.S.W, or anywhere else. The Weekend is colloquially known as a Not The Nationals as it is open to everyone, but is characterised by its lack of organisation – although we do like to have every one driving in the same direction…



The VCBG visits Bright every year in March and has made the weekend a “Not the Nationals” weekend. We welcome clubbie drivers from far and wide to join us for the obligatory run through the high country. Always a very social event in great company.